Friday, February 15, 2008

What Is Caffeine And What Harm Does It Do The Body?

Caffeine is a bitter taste, slightly stimulant of the central nervous system are taking place in more than 60 crops, such as coffee beans, tea leaves, kola nuts, cocoa and beans. It can also be done at the hand of man. It belongs to the same alkaloid, like nicotine, morphine and cocaine. It is an integral part of the diet pills, cooling, medicine, Wake-up pills, nonprescription drugs, pills and allergies.

I love my coffee, when I first wake up in the morning, I do not think I am addicted. I have my days without drinking cup, and it bothers me not. For those who work long hours and who need Pick me up as another story. Caffeine is a drug, but many believe they can do as damage to the body. Caffeine can dry out the body, because it actually, as a diuretic. He also has no medical report of an overdose of caffeine, but there were reports on "Caffeine Jitters' anxiety, insomnia, gastrointestnial problems, and shaking. A dose of 250mg in a short period of time may cause nausea, headache, muscle stiffness, and irregular heart beat.

More than 80% of Americans use caffeine to a difference in how they feel and act. Caffeine is estimated at more than 1000 "over-the-counter medicines. They can be withdrawal symptoms and psychological dependence when using caffeine. Hypercaffeinated drinks are very popular among teenagers and young adults, especially Club visitors for alcoholic beverages, with these products. Energy drinks, and may be supplemented harmful to young children, human beings, drugs and the elderly. During the consumption of caffeine, please use it in moderation, it can harm the body, even if you think it's ok. Although I have heard that there are more antioxidants in tea or coffee, and then, no, if you have a coffee or another drink containing the attempt, at least drinking.

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