Friday, February 15, 2008

Two Kinds Of Food Allergies

They are, in general, eight foods, which are often most allergies in human beings. In this article we will focus on seafood and allergy peanut allergy, such as two types of food allergies may suffer because these two types of food allergies, the most common of all the food allergies.

The seafood allergy means that the person is allergic to all types of seafood such as mussels. There are in fact two types of fish stocks allergies. You allergy seafood, everything, and then the mussels allergy, if a person can neither eat certain species of shellfish. You will find that the allergy skaly Seafood fish and shellfish are also included. This means that all food, which was cooked in the same skillet or on the grill with seafood have the same potential to be harmful to the end of suffering. The allergy is characterized by the immune system to stop, where several problems. Most of the time, the person suffers as a result of this allergy is a form of adrenaline with them only for the event. They also found that seafood with an allergic reaction can be just a raw fish. What I have to say is that a severe food allergy means that the contact with the allergen may also, of course, for individuals.

Groundnut is adamant of allergy, although it is certainly nut allergies. With peanut allergy is the sensitivity to eat something with peanuts in the ingredients. In other words, the person who suffers from a peanut allergy can not eat peanut butter, which is cooked in peanut oil, and can not communicate with one of peanuts in food that they eat every variety. Peanuts are mean that the immune system to stop. Normally, anyone with a peanut or even a slight allergy cases, a rash, swelling of the face may be, and is, in general, suffer from breathlessness. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, most children who suffer from peanut allergy is actually more of the symptoms, as they are older. It should be noted that nearly 1% of the population suffer from allergies to peanuts and must exclude anything, peanuts from their diet.

Both types of food allergies are the most common allergies, and there are many people who are neglected tested before attempting for the first time, food.

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