Friday, February 15, 2008

Romanian Food And Unique Drinks

Romanian food is very diverse - rich flavored, colored and fragrant, strongly influenced by the history and traditions of foreign policy, as well as on billboards. Kitchen Romanian identified with the concept of exquisite cuisine, feels so tempting aroma found its way into photography Romanian courts.

What makes food Romanians are individual and specific, that the courts are prepared to be without special equipment, and the ingredients are practically. The biggest influence on the Romanian kitchen was cooking in the Balkans, but also by other nations, such as Germany, Hungarian and Serbian cuisine.

Revenues take account of the same influences, like all of the Romanian culture: Romanians of the flat cake or pie, a term which originally obtained within the meaning of the Latin phrase "placenta", Turks have the dumplings and soup Turkish cakes in the form of Losange, the Greeks have made the bowl, called "musaca" (a portion of vegetables and mix of minced meat), the Bulgarians have a wide variety of products dietary herbal mixed as "zacusca", and pulp, by the Austrians.

Most specifically, the Romanian court, maize flour, seeds of the flower broth, which for a while arm's Restaurant, but now has more to guess. The meat most important Romanians is pork, but also eat beef, chicken, lamb or mutton, depending on the geographical region.

Some recipes are strictly related to the season or holiday. Normally, at Christmas, the entire family to sacrifice a pig, and solve a wide variety of meat dishes and the institution:

-- Charcuteries, blood pudding, blood sausages, pork in the intestine.
-- Beef jelly, jelly unwieldy, pork, such as ears, legs and head in the aspic jelly.
-- Beef and cabbage-balls, a delicious mixture of meat and wrapped in cabbage leaves, garden sorrel. -- Tochitura, a kind of stew served with wine and maize flour;
-- And something soft, they have traditional books cakes, sweet bread with nuts, cocoa or Turkish delight.

On Easter Monday, Romanians eating lamb, dishes and individuals are:

-- Grill lamb (roast lamb with salt recipe ")
-- Shiver, backed mixture of organs, meat and vegetables, especially green onion, ( "shiver lamb recipe)
-- And for dessert matzos, a specific therapy, with cheese and sultanas. ( "Matzos Cheese" recipe)

The main drinking wine is remarkable for its strength and a bunch of local tradition over thousands of years 2. Romania is the ninth-largest wine producers in the world and more recently for export, grew. A large-scale production of local varieties:

-- Feteasca
-- Grasa
-- Tamaioasa

However, it produces wines Universal:

-- Riesling
-- Merlot
-- Sauvignon Blanc
-- Cabernet Sauvignon
-- Chardonnay
-- Muscat Ottonel

The beer was also consumed a large scale, under the influence of Germany. Romania is the second largest producer of the World plums, and almost the entire production of prunes is used to produce "tuic3", a plum schnapps, distillation.

Romanian Romanian food and beverages can be a real challenge for all foreign visitors.

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